Cryptocurrency News Headlines from Around the World

Cryptocurrency News Headlines from Around the World

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are having another moment in the mainstream news cycle, and it’s likely that these kinds of stories will become even more frequent moving forward. If you’re wondering how to keep up with the latest cryptocurrency news headlines from around the world, we’ve got you covered in this article. Here are five sites that you can use to stay up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency news articles and trends as they happen and develop over time. Let’s start with…

Cryptocurrency Warnings From Government Officials

Recent comments made by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on March 19th signaled he believes cryptocurrency is best avoided by investors and media figures who play a role in shaping public opinion. Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Powell said: We really don’t have authority over Bitcoin…it’s not something we can really influence. He went on to encourage media figures to refrain from using cryptocurrency as an example of an investment option, saying I do think there are investor or consumer protection issues with it. Powell’s words came just days after South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) announced that it would begin an investigation into whether cryptocurrency exchanges were engaging in money laundering.

Warnings Against Crypto Use, Crime and Malware

When you consider that cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology, it’s only natural to be concerned about security risks. Cyberattacks on major crypto exchanges and new methods of scamming are popping up regularly and there are plenty of cryptocurrency users who have lost money to hackers or online fraudsters. Unfortunately, there will always be bad actors in any industry so it’s important to do your research before getting involved with cryptocurrencies. Start by reviewing some of these articles: Warning: Cryptocurrency Malware Is On The Rise, CoinDash Initial Coin Offering Falls Victim To Theft And Other Recent Crypto Crime Victims. Also keep an eye out for new scams as they pop up.

Exchange Holdups and Hacks Section: Other Interesting Stories on Government Regulation, Crime, etc.

More exchange thefts have occurred and there’s been a rise in armed robberies on exchanges. In other news, lawmakers are scrambling to stop Chinese-run cryptocurrency mining operations while local police forces all over China are cracking down on crime as it pertains to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The general sentiment seems to be that governments and law enforcement agencies around the world see cryptos as a threat or nuisance (at best) and are becoming increasingly aware of their use in criminal activities. Keep an eye out for more government regulations designed to clean up crypto; these may be beneficial for some of us but will inevitably come at a cost. Governments don’t regulate lightly—and they usually do so only when their constituents demand it.

Big Banks Moving Into Crypto

A Wall Street strategist and a former hedge fund trader have teamed up to create a crypto bank that will offer currency trading, loans, and other services for institutional investors. Mike Novogratz, who formerly managed $9 billion at investment firm Fortress Investment Group, said he and Bloomberg’s former chief global macro strategist Matthew Goetz are working on Galaxy Digital Assets Fund together. (Source: Bloomberg) A new report from Juniper Research has found that global spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach $945 million in 2018—and by 2021 it will grow nearly 4-fold to $2.1 billion. Separately, Accenture released its own study predicting that 14% of banks will use a public blockchain by next year.

Major Retailers Accepting Cryptos

Today, most retailers don’t accept cryptocurrency payments. But that could soon change. As previously reported by CoinDesk, a group of retail giants led by Walmart is set to announce later today that they’ve teamed up with tech giant IBM to create a new blockchain-based platform designed to help businesses manage food supply chains. The group – which also includes Nestle SA and Unilever NV – will collectively develop tools based on blockchain technology as a way to trace products more efficiently, as well as increase transparency among vendors and consumers.

Major Coins Closing in on $1K+ Per Coin

The price of cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been surging in recent weeks. The co-founder of Ethereum is predicting that it could hit $5K by next year. In fact, Steve Wozniak recently said that he wants to be one of those people who bought Bitcoin at a thousand dollars or whatever it was and then watched it go up ten thousand times. At press time on October 15th, 2017, a single bitcoin was worth over $4200. Given its current growth rate, that seems entirely possible.

Smaller Coins Showing Growth Over Past Week

The whole market experienced a slight correction over last week, but smaller coins have bounced back quicker than their larger counterparts. Coins with a market cap below $5 million and volume below $50,000 show some of the strongest gains in volume over last week. Of these coins, Telos Network (TLOS) and InMax (INX) have shown promising gains of 43% and 36% respectively. Meanwhile Spectrecoin (XSPEC), CometCoin (CMT), FuturoCoin (FTO), NeosCoin (NEOS), and TronClassic(TRXC) all added 33% to their price in 7 days.

Mining Operations Still Growing Exponentially

Ethereum has gotten a lot of attention in recent months as its price has risen to levels that made early investors rich. As a result, many companies are turning their focus to Ethereum mining. This week, according to Bloomberg , GMO Internet Group announced that it’s doubling down on crypto-mining by building new facilities in Europe. It will spend $3 million to build two cryptocurrency mining farms in northern Europe and is aiming for more than 2 trillion yen ($18 billion) of virtual currency revenue over 10 years. The move is part of its plan to more aggressively pursue business opportunities relating to blockchain technology.

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