The best and most powerful dangerous weapon in Free Fire 2023

To survive in Free Fire – Battlegrounds, it is necessary to take well weapons that we take. We have a limited space in the backpack, so it is wise to choose from the best weapons and know how to use the correct use of those we find.

Shooting range can be long, medium or short. Some of the weapons that we find on the island can be used in different ways. Knowing how to choose the right weapon guarantees your victory. In this list, you will discover the types of Free Fire weapons available in the game.

What is the most powerful weapon in Ferry Fire: Precision Rifles
Sniping are weapons used to fire from long distances and a telescopic lens is usually used as an aid to aim. These rifles are completely deadly if they are in safe hands, as they can cause severe damage and even immediate death.

Free Fire weapons: M21 Woodpecker

Free Fire weapon mixes the strength of the sniping gun and the offensive gun. This weapon is able to penetrate the shields effectively. Besides, it has a good shooting rate and re -download, with 12 lambs. Given that almost every type of accessory can be added, it can be converted into a very deadly weapon!

Free Fire weapons: M82b

A strong sniper rifle, without being fatal like AWM, causes severe damage. Its unique strength allows bullets to penetrate the ice blocks and even to cause more vehicles. It has a great feature of its ability to add a sound, in addition to that a charger accepts up to 8 bullets.

Free Fire weapons: AWM

The closing rifle, which means you need to keep your eyes away from view after each shot. It has an integrated 5 tours and an integrated telescopic eye. It is the most powerful weapon in Freefire, who is able to launch deadly shots from a distance.

Free Fire weapons: Kar98k

Pre-equipped with a very good eye, the Kar98k is a very powerful and effective rifle. However, it is not ideal for new players and has a Charger of only five rounds.

Free Fire weapons: SVD – Dragunov

An extremely powerful weapon with a pre-equipped 4× eyepiece, the Dragunov gives extremely consistent shots at great distances. It allows you to attach all kinds of add-ons, further improving the rifle. It’s slightly less accurate than the AWM, but it’s semi-automatic, so it makes up for the rate of fire. Plus, you don’t have to look away after every shot. Unfortunately, Dragunov is only available at points of sale or points of supplies.

Free Fire weapons: SKS

It is a semi-automatic rifle with a capacity of 10 rounds AR. It deals a lot of damage and comes with a built-in telescopic eye. Unfortunately, it has a high bounce and is therefore not very accurate, although it could be improved with appropriate accessories. The SKS can carry a pole to stabilize shots, as well as a larger capacity charger.

Free Fire weapons: VSS

Rated an SMG for the use of that ammunition, the VSS is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can make many rounds on target quickly and accurately. It’s hard to hear with this gun, as it has a built-in silencer, as well as integrating a blaster. It’s versatile over long and medium distances, but it’s hard to find. It doesn’t do much damage but it is compensated by its low recoil and high rate of fire.

Free Fire’s most powerful weapons: assault rifles / machine guns

Assault rifles or submachine guns are long and medium range weapons, with automatic fire and high impact power. They are the most versatile weapon in the game, and are more suitable for many situations. We are also introducing heavy machine guns in this section.

Free Fire weapons: Parafal

The PARAFAL is a good weapon with great power, with which you will have a certain advantage in exchanging shots at a medium distance. If you adjust your aim, you will be able to do a lot of damage with this weapon, but try to have another weapon for close combat.

Free Fire weapons: AUG

After many updates without seeing a very popular assault rifle. It’s a reliable, damage-free weapon in the hands of anyone who wants to get away from enemies. Although you can attach any type of accessory, it is appreciated that it comes pre-equipped with a sight. The bad point is that without attachments, the AUG is not the best weapon you can have in Free Fire.

Free Fire weapons: AN94

The AN94 is basically a new version of the AK. With good recoil control and a long range, this powerful assault rifle is highly versatile and accurate. Although it does less damage than the AK, we can aim more shots in a row at our enemies, thanks to its recoil. However, its rate of fire is slow, so it is not used much at short distances.

Free Fire weapons: M4A1

It is a weapon for long and medium distances with a high rate of fire, but not very accurate due to recoil. This gun is ideal for new players as it adapts to different scenarios. With the right attachments, we can greatly improve this weapon, even reducing its recoil. We can attach an eye or charger with a larger capacity, improve the aim, or add a pole.

Free Fire weapons: M14

The machine gun is the one that does the most damage in Free Fire. If we add a blaster to this weapon, we will have a powerful high impact automatic rifle. It does have quite a bit of recoil when firing automatically, but the shots are quite manageable, especially if we get a few accessories. The Charger is small, with only 15 rounds, so you need to be careful not to waste ammo.

Free Fire weapons: SCAR

The weapon is stable, has little recoil and is easy to handle. This gun is very popular, but not very accurate and not very powerful. If we use the eyes and the shaft, we will have a weapon with very steady shots from a distance.

Free Fire weapons: AK

A very powerful weapon capable of doing a lot of damage with a good rate of fire. However, this hitting power is hampered by the heavy recoil. AK rifle is not suitable for beginners, but if we master it it can turn into a nightmare for our enemies.

Free Fire weapons: FAMAS

The first free fire weapon that can fire bursts. It has a short burst mode, three shots in a row, which increases weapon damage. In addition, it is quite stable and we can add all kinds of accessories, which greatly improves its effectiveness.

Free Fire weapons: GROZA

One of the best weapons in the game, combining great shooting power with long-range accuracy. It is very rare, as you can only find it in certain trails. The rate of fire is low, so it’s not worth using it at close range.

Free Fire weapons: XM8

This rifle is pre-equipped with an eye and does more damage than the M4A1 and SCAR, yet has less recoil. It allows you to add all kinds of accessories except binoculars. It’s a good gun for mid-range, but for long-distance shooting it’s essential to master it well.

Free Fire weapons: M60

The M60 is a heavy machine gun with good damage, range and accuracy, despite its high recoil. If we play in Squad mode, it is a recommended weapon to provide cover for our team, as it has a great charger. It has a slow rate of fire. However, try to use short shots of 3-5 shots to increase their impact. The only accessory allowed is an eye.

Free Fire weapons: M249

This is one of the heavy weapons of Free Fire and one of the best weapons in Free Fire. The powerful M249 reaches long distances and despite being an automatic has little bounce. Also, the 100-round charger takes a long time to wear out. You will be able to capture enemies under an endless wave of bullets! Keep in mind that it is a very rare weapon.

The best free fire weapons: machine guns / light machine guns

Submachine guns (SMGs) or light machine guns are short range weapons with a high rate of fire. It is suitable for single combat, as it can fill opponents with bullets in a matter of seconds. Because it does so little damage, it is not effective over long distances.


The Thompson in Free Fire is between the high percussion of the MP40 and the massive magazine of the P90, with the advantage of being the machine gun that does the most damage. Accuracy is somewhat worse, although you will only feel it a bit if you use it in close range combat. For scouting close quarters or skirmishes in the vicinity, the Thompson is a very solid option.


The P90 is a stable and accurate light machine gun with a massive 50-round charger. It does not have the rate of fire as the MP40 but does the same damage and at a greater distance. You can also carry an optical scope and increase cargo space. It is a balanced weapon for those who prefer tactics over aggression.


With a slower but more powerful rate of fire than the MP5, the UMP is a good entry-level light machine gun. It’s accurate, balanced, and better than the other three at long range. Of course, it has more bounce but it can be improved by adding a pole and accessories.


The MP40 is another classic weapon, with a great rate of fire and very stable. Their short range makes them useless over long distances, but they are very effective in enclosed spaces such as homes or warehouses. Being an ancient weapon.

Free Fire weapons names: Shotguns

Shotguns are weapons for players who prefer a more aggressive style, with high damage and low rate of fire. They are ideal and very effective for short distances, as well as easy to find.


The worst weapon in Free Fire: a double-barreled gun is something that won’t appeal to many players, especially after the game starts. Despite this drawback, it makes up for serious harm. The M1887 has a good reload time, so in good hands and on the go, the M1887 can be very deadly.


It is a very accurate rifle capable of dealing a lot of damage with one shot to an unprotected enemy. The charger contains only five rounds and cannot be increased with accessories. The recoil is great, but being a semi-auto it doesn’t affect your shots much.


SPAS12, is the most powerful weapon in Free Fire which looks very dangerous, it does a lot of damage from close and medium range. Unlike the M1014, a larger capacity charger can be attached. In this way, we can fight for longer in exchange, without having to recharge.

Free Fire weapons: special weapons

In this section, you will find a wide variety of Free Fire weapons that are very different from each other, and that do not fit perfectly with any of the other sections.


The MGL140 is a repeating grenade launcher, with a charger that holds 5 grenades. If the M79 is already getting on the nerves of many gamers, this weapon is a display of strength and fury. Beware of shooting madly, as you will run out of ammo quickly. The only accessory that can be added is the charger. However, it is currently only available in Explosive Jump mode.


Use the M79 there is nothing like using 40mm bullets with massive damage to climb the ranks. However, we must keep in mind that it only holds one round per charge, and that the only viable accessory is faster reloading.

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